The Difference - Creating Equality 

Equality has for centuries been identified as an integral human desire. Finally enjoy true equality in your investment solutions. What does that mean? If your assets are being managed by a broker/dealer or any non omnibus asset manager they have to handle transactions on a per client account basis. In theory each required change in portfolio holdings should be executed across client accounts with minimal gap, but the real world effect is that the biggest investors get preferred treatment and first mover advantages in every holdings change. This isn’t a big deal on typical market days but truly burnt many investors below the 10 million dollar invested asset threshold in 2009. Granted, highest net worth investors have the most exposure and represent the highest commissionable income for the Broker/Dealer but that doesn't deteriorate the needs or commitment to smaller investors.

Our solution to this problem we believe truly distinguishes us from 99% of the money managers out there today. As a client, your assets are invested in tactical/goal based model's that are composed from your planning goals and your risk, and whenever the underlying models are changed and rebalanced, the platform executes trades in all the clients’ accounts simultaneously. This means that clients with $10 million dollars on the platform and clients with $10,000 enjoy the same treatment – the same preferential treatment. 

Benefits of investing with Grant Street Wealth Management:

  • Real World Investing: As a client, at any asset level, we value your business and relationship. That is why we have delivered equality to your investable assets so you receive the investment solution you always wanted but never found. 
  • No Client Left Behind Approach: Don’t feel like a forgotten client whose advisor doesn’t even remember their name let alone their investment objectives. Don’t put up with your wealth looked at as a hassle for your current advisor. We believe every investor is equally valuable as a relationship, why wouldn’t they be equally important when it came to handling their wealth.